Mother’s Day Celebration


This is the first Mother’s Day without mom.  However, I will celebrate her courage and determination.

She lived through 18 years of COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  In the last few months, it became hard for her to walk to the kitchen and back because of the extreme shortness of breath.  It also became increasingly hard for her to talk, and in the last few weeks, many of our conversations were almost unspoken.  The only way that she could breathe was to lay still, but my mother was always determined to live.  She fought for life all the way to the end.  I believe that it was not because of fear.  She had a deep faith in Jesus.  I believe it was because of her intense love for her family and a determination to simply continue living.

COPD was not the only illness that she endured.  My birth was the first of many surgeries, including one experimental surgery on her intestines that left her in pain the rest of her life.  When I was five years old, the doctors told her that she would only live a few more years.  She prayed and begged God to let her see her kids married and happy.

Mom went home to heaven this year on March 9th.  She saw me through so much: the tough teenage years, school, a divorce, and indeed, I was finally married and happy, with two children.  My youngest is only one year old.  God answered her prayer.


Mom’s life motto was simple, yet profound.  “I’m gonna live ’till I die!”

She wanted others with COPD to understand that you can still enjoy life.  There will be new “normals” along the way, but adjust and move on.   Mom proved that you can be more than your illness, and you can be more than the circumstances that life has thrown at you.  It is your choice.

Continue making memories and loving those close to you.

Continue living!!