Two Months and Four Hospital Visits, Part 3


Mom’s third visit to the hospital was a result of being very dehydrated from not eating or drinking for three days.  She had become very nauseous while taking a blood thinner called Lovenox.  We tried everything to help her eat and drink, but she would get sick almost immediately when food or water would hit her stomach.

She began losing weight quickly.  It was obvious that needed help.  Mom tried so hard to stay out of the hospital, but a scheduled visit to her family doctor resulted in an immediate admission.  She had lost 30 pounds in about 2 months.  She weighed 98 pounds at the time she was admitted.

During this hospital stay, the A-Fib became a problem again, and she ended up in the ICU.  She was away from her lung doctor again, so much of the respiratory care was lower on the priority list than the heart and nutrition.

She seemed to do fairly well as she gained her strength back.  She developed a pizza craving, and with all that she had been through, no one would deny her a pizza.  We ordered her a pizza several times, and we loved watching her appetite come back.

IMG_5704 - Version 2


The heart and blood doctors seemed to feel that everything was under control, and she was able to go home relatively quickly.  This time she went home to her house, and did really well for a couple of days.  Then my pop called me to come and help him try to get her to the hospital.

Mom’s breathing had become very difficult.  She was gasping for breath and unable to calm herself enough to breathe.  She was also unable to eat again.  When I arrived, she simply said, “I don’t understand.  I don’t know what happened.  Everything was going fine.  Then all of a sudden, I could not breathe.”

She did not want to go to the hospital again.  However, we knew that we had no choice.  She had to go.

The home care nurse was able to come and see her.  It was the first visit after the hospital, so she needed to admit mom into their care.  After she examined her, she told mom that she was unable to admit her because she knew that she needed to go back to the hospital.

We were thankful for the extra push to get mom to go to the hospital.  With the respiratory distress, we took her to the hospital where her lung doctor would be in charge.

– To Be Continued –